Machine Cabinet

ALLTEQ's Machine Cabinet for Machine Models 1500 & 3000.

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- Six 115 Volt Rear Panel Outlets

- 220 Volt Version w/Step-Down Tranformer

- Stainless Steel Top & Shelf

-Heavy Duty Casters
Shown with Dual Head L1600 Adhesion
Promoter Spray System

Cabinet Overview
Designed specifically for the 1500 & 3000 Series of Allteq equipment, the
Allteq Machine Cabinet is available in either a 115 or 220 volt version.
The 220 version comes complete with a 220 to 115 volt step-down transformer.
Both versions come withy a 6-plug 115 volt rear-panel outlet center. This power
center can be used for a Camera, Monitor, Light Sources. The Cabinet includes a Stainless Steel Top & Shelf.


Light Tower:
Shelf Depth:

250 lbs.
30 inches
40 inches
59 inches (less Light Tower)
Add 20 inches
13 inches

Power: 115 or 230 Volts 50/60 Hz
NOTE: Specification subject to change without notice.