Add Vision to Inspection or Dispensing Systems

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For Inspection / All 3000 Series Equipment

Missing Die, Die Attach Wetting, Chipped or Crack Die, Die Orientation, Correct Die, Theta Check, Die Location, Correct Wire Bond Location, Wire Bond Mapping, Multi Component Module Verification, Ink Dot, Solder Ball Verification, Missing Ball, Missing Wire, Foreign Particles, Measurement, Device Counting, Missing Component on MCM's

For Die Coating / 1500 Series

Missing Die, Die Location XY Compensation, Theta Compensation, Ink Dot Detection.

Ideal for getting the needle in the center of a small die for accurate die coat applications. Also ideal for selective area coating. Will not coat inked or missing die.

Advanced Color Processing Technology:
Color shade processing recognizes the differences in hue and intensity of shade levels.
The latest in "color shade processing" allows the AV-300 Series to recognize contrast or edges that cannot be detected by conventional binary processing or monochromatic, also gray-scale processing.

Menu-driven, easy-to-set various inspection modes for wider range of applications:

There is no need for complicated image processing programs. Just select one of the present application programs from the pull-down menus. 


The ASIC technology provides a high-speed search 10 times faster than conventional models:
The newly developed ASIC enables accurate pattern matching through a quick shade search even for color image processing that requires a large amount of data.

Sub-pixel processing for accurate measurement:
Sub-pixel processing divides one pixel into 10 segments for precise measurement. It offers more accurate dimension inspection and positioning.

Illumination adjustment & Normalized correlation against a change in brightness:

The normalized correlation method is a technique for allowing a pattern search without being affected by a change in ambient light. This, along its illumination function, will ensure stable inspection regardless of light variations.

32, 64 or 128 MB Compact Flash Memory Card

32MB Compact Flash memoryFirst In-Its-Class
Save or read 128 inspection settings or 122 images. The AV-300 Series is the first in its class to feature a 32MB Compact Flash memory.


CA-D Series

We will help you select the right Illumination unit for getting the best image from the machine vision for your application.

Dome type : CA-DD      
Direct-ring type : CA-DRLow-angle type : CA-DL       Bar type : CA-DB
Dome Light                                             Ring Light                                                            Bar Light

CA-DC100        CA-U2
 LED Illumination Controller                     24VDC Power Supply Unit




Remote Control console

CV700 Series