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Allteq has a wide range of reject identification modules. Please consult the factory for the one that will fit your needs.

  • Lead Punch

  • Laser Mark

  • Rail Punch

  • Bottom Scribe Mark

  • Top Scribe Mark

  • Ink

  • Mapping

  • Wire Wipe

Ink Marker

Ink Marker

The Ink Marker option for the Series 3000 is mounted onto the front rail of the Inspection Station.  The Ink Marker incorporates a fast drying indelible ink cartridge that is mounted onto a Z motion pneumatic cylinder.  As the leadframe returns into the magazine,  the rejected devices stops under the Ink Marker and the pneumatic cylinder is activated.  This action brings the ink tip into contact with the leadframe.  The frame is then moved to mark a line onto the side bar of the leadframe.  This marking will allow for reject identification after the device has been molded.


Lead/Edge Punch

Edge/Lead Punch Overview 

Thee Lead Punch will remove a lead and the Edge Puncher will punch a notch in the side bar.  This is used for a rejected device so that the device will fail final test or can be identified at final visual.   The unit is fixed to the back rail of the Series 3000 Inspection Station and incorporates a precision punch and die set.  The punch and die set is mounted onto a fully programmable stepper motor controlled Y slide so that no change-over of the punch is needed with different leadframe widths and pitch.  The punch can also be programmed to remove leads from IDF, Dual, SOIC, TQFP, MQFP, SSOP and triple wide leadframes.



Wire Wiper Overview 

The Wire Wiper is mounted onto the back rail of the Series 3000 Inspection Stations.  The Wire Wiper will remove wire bonds from the die of the rejected device by using a brush mounted on a DC motor.  The motor and brush unit is mounted onto a Z motion pneumatic cylinder that, when activated,  brings the rotating brush into contact with the die.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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