The LFI-3010 After Wire Bond 
Inspection Station

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LFI 3010 3rd Optical Inspection Station
Model LFI-3010 After Wire Bond Inspection StationNEW NEW

The LFI-3010 After Wire Bond Inspection Station


After Wire Bond Inspection (3rd Optical)
High Power/Low Power Scopes
High Resolution Video
QA/QC/Production/Hands Free

Reject   I.D.

Side Rail Punch, Notch or Hole
Lead Punch
Ink Marker, Top or Bottom
Scribe Marker, Top or Bottom
Wire Wiper

Data Collection

Wire bond Yield
Die Bond Yield
Operator Performance
Shift Performance


The LFI-3010 Inspection Station will handle virtually any leadframe for after wire bond inspection.  As a stand alone unit, the LFI-3010 is a powerful inspection and data collection station capable of storing up to 250 individual programs consisting of leadframe parameters, inspection methods and operating modes. The indexing mechanism of the 3010 is simple and highly reliable and allows for leadframe change over in one minute or less.  Your choice of a LFI-3010 for your company's 3rd Optical needs will give you trouble free, hands free and easy to operate system for many years to come.

Process Flow 

A magazine of wire-bonded devices is presented to the LFI-3010 for inspection.  The 3010 can be programmed with four types of inspection methods which include 100%, Sampling, Auto AQL or Custom Mapping.  The magazine number is then entered along with the lot number and operator number (if required), into the machine.   Units are now presented under the microscope, camera or combination in accordance with the inspection method selected.  The operator is now able to move the device under the optics package using the LFI-3010's chessman.  If the operator sees a reject unit in the inspection process, a reject code is entered.  The reject information and location can then be sent to the 3210 Data Collection Center for yield/reject analysis.  Optionally a reject tool can be used to identify the bad device automatically

  •   Menu Driven Software
  •   Programmable timed inspection
  •   .600" to 3.500" Leadframe Capability
  •   Single magazine elevator
  •   Auto AQL inspection
  •   100 reject codes
  •   Fast product change over
  •   Status tower / Green-Yellow-Red 
  •   Programmable sampling plans
  •   250 program storage
  •   Built in diagnostics
  •   Allteq reliability


130 lbs.  
24 inches  
33 inches 
14 inches (less tower)
add 20 "

115/230V 250W 50/60Hz 
70 PSI Min 

Battery backup:  
10 Year 
2 x 40 

X-Y Travel:
X-Y Travel Extended 
Leadframe Width:
Max. Leadframe Length:
Max. Magazine Height:  
Indexer Accuracy:   
Frame Changeover:
3 wide matrix maximum 
1.40" X 1.40"
1.40" x 1.60" 
.600" to 3.150"
9.25" - 12.00"
+/- .004" 
60 Sec. 

Also Running Devices in Auer and Auer type boats

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Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.
Effective 9/19/0

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