• Founded in San Jose, CA -1983

  • Headquarters, Livermore, CA - Since 1985

  • Leader in After Wire Bond Inspection, LFI-3000 Introduced 1985

  • Leader in Die Coating / Glob Top, Series 1500 - Introduced 1986

  • Introduced LFI-3010 Inspection Station - 1992

  • Introduced LFI-3060 Inspection Station - 1993

  • Introduced 1510,1520,L-1520e and Dispensing Systems 1992

  • Opened Penang Malaysia sales and service office - 1995

  • Opened Manila Philippines sales and service office -1998

  • Introduced Model LF-4000 Automated Open / Short Tester - 1999

  • Introduced Model OS-400 Bench Top Open / Short Tester - 1999

  • Introduced XYZ Gantry System - 1999

  • Introduced Manual Dispensing System - 1999

  • Named on the SF Business Times list of "Top Bay Area Exporters" 1999

  • Introduced Model 888 and 8000 Particulate Cleaning Systems - 2000

  • Introduced LFI-3020 Extended Y Travel Inspection Station - 2000

  • Introduced VMS, Video Monitoring System - 2000

  • Moved to new Headquarters in Livermore California - 2000

  • Named again to "Top Bay Area Exporters" list - 2000

  • First Telecom Contract for Central Office Applications - 2000

  • Introduced Bottom Side Reject Marking - 2001

  • Introduced LSU600 Line Sharing Unit - 2001

  • Introduced CTAB Tester - 2002

  • Introduced Cable Locator - 2002

  • Introduced Cable Tester - 2002

  • Introduced Allteq line of Microscopes / Optics and Light Sources 2003

  • Introduced Allteq AV300 Vision System 2003

  • Introduced Allteq SD1520 Spray Coating System 2003

  • Introduced MX3 Automated Mixer 2004

  • Introduced Dual Head SD1520 Spray Coating System 2004


Founded in the fall of 1983, Allteq's first line of equipment was designed to automate the manufacturing of hermetic products primarily used in military and high reliability applications.  The product line included Boat to Tube Loaders, Inverters, Cleaning Systems and Lid Loaders for Cer-dip and ceramic packages.   Allteq introduced its first 3000 Series 3rd Optical Inspection Station in 1985 and quickly established itself as the world leader in this field. The 3000 employed a radical indexing system that allowed for leadframe changeover in less than one minute and allow for a wide range of products to be run on the same machine.  The 3000 has evolved into the LFI-3010 and LFI-3060 to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of the IC packaging environment.

In 1985, using the same reliable indexing platform as its inspection machine, Allteq introduced the 1500 Series Die Coating Machines.  Like the 3000, this became the industry standard. The 1500 was designed to dispensing a wide range of materials onto a leadframe device for conformal coating, sealing, under-filling etc.   The L1510 and L-1520e were introduced in 1995 and 1999 and have become the industry workhorses for dispensing die coating materials onto leadframe devices.

Very early on in our company's growth, with a large part of our business being international, Allteq found it necessary to establish a representative network for sales and service.  By 1985 Allteq had a network in place covering Asia and Europe, providing our customers factory trained support.  In 1995 Allteq opened its first international offices in Penang Malaysia and in 1998 opened an office in Manila, Philippines.

Allteq continues to broaden its product line with the introduction of new products. The MODEL LF-4000 Strip Feed - Open / Short Tester, the Model OS-400 Bench Top - Open / Short Tester and a full line of Manual and Automated Dispensing Systems. In 2002 Allteq established the Allteq Telecommunication Division with the charter of re-designing legacy central office products and test equipment. We are very excited about the coming years at Allteq.  With these new products and with what's on the drawing board, we look forward to serving our customers with quality products for years to come.