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                                         Designed and built by Allteq Industries
                                         CLEI CODE NUMBER  -  E9MAGH0CRA

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Designed for multiple access.
Provides inputs for 6 analog lines to a single subscriber station
Provides a metallic connection between one input line and the output line
   during power loss
Supports both 600 and 900 ohm circuits
Alarm Indicators provided for power or system failure conditions
Single Rack Unit design for multiple installations

The Model LSU600 (Line Sharing Unit) is designed to be used in conjunction with the Remote Control Unit (RCU) and remote Digital Line Units (DLU). The LSU600 adapts several analog lines (one per DLU in an RCU) to a single subscriber station. Each LSU600 consists of six input Tip and Ring pairs (T1, R1 through T6, R6) and a single output Tip and Ring pair (T0, R0) for connecting to the cable pair of a subscribers station. The first input pair (T1, R1) provides normal originating and terminating service for the subscribers station. The remaining input pairs provide terminating service only to the output pair.

Standard Features
The LSU600 supports the following basic features for the shared station:

1. Ringing of the called party
2. Called party hold
3. Hook flash to re-ring the called party
4. Loop seizure to busy out idle lines when one line is 

The LSU600 provides alarm indicator connections on the rear panel, for connecting to the switch panel during power and/or system failures.

Led indicators are provided on the front panel for power and
line busy conditions.

The LSU600 can be used with both 600 and 900ohm circuits.

The LSU600 can be mounted in either a 19 or 23 inch rack configuration.

LSU-600 Specifications

  • Input Lines             Six, T1 & R1 through T6 & R6
  • Output Lines          One, T0 & R0
  • Termination            600, 900ohms
  • LED Indicators       Power, Line Busy
  • Fuse                       Front Panel GMT 70 Type
  • Alarms                   Power Failure, System Failure
  • Power                    -48V DC, Common
  • Mechanical             19-23 Wide x 15 Deep x 1.75 High
  • Weight                   3 lbs 7 ozs
  • Mounting               19 or 23 in Rack Mount