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telecommunication resource automated custom test system

In 2001 a major telecom equipment customer came to Allteq with a product they had been selling for over10 years. The original supplier of this product, a very large telecom company, was ceasing manufacturing because of component obsolescence and a drop in demand for the product. Wishing to keep this product in their portfolio the customer asked Allteq to do a total re-design the unit. The end result was a 1U, down from a 5U, state of the art, rack mountable product that our customer will be able to sell for years to come. Time from receiving specification and order to project completion 14 weeks. Allteq can now deliver product off the shelf to this customer.

In 2002 an Allteq customers parent company located in Europe closed a factory. Allteq's customer lost access to a product which was made by the closing factory. Allteq was asked to redesign and build a product that the customer could continue selling. Allteq is now building the product, in quantity, simpler and cheaper than the European factory was. Time from receiving specification and order to project completion 10 weeks. Allteq can now deliver product off the shelf to the customer.

○ Product volumes dropping to un-profitable levels?

○ Still producing low volume product because of important customer demands?

○ Using engineering resources for sustaining engineering on legacy products?

○ Tying up manufacturing with short runs?

○ Burdening purchasing with locating hard to find components?

○ And the list goes on...

Let Allteq solve these issues for your company. We will engineer, build, test and stock product for you.

ALLTEQ Managing End-Of-Product Life Cycle Problems
Allteq is ready to Help Customers Deal with Diminishing Materials Sourcing & Diminishing Manufacturing Supplies Involving Boards, Add-On Boxes and Systems.

Let Allteq solve your legacy and end of life product problems.