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The Cable Tester Model 2468 is a versatile unit that locates, traces and tests voice and data network problems that are wire related.  


The Model 2468 consists of a 2468T transmitter, 2468R receiver with a built in inductive probe, two modular RJ45 adapter cables, one RJ11 adapter cable. Both 2468T and 2468R both are housed in a rugged carrying case.

The Model 2468 provides three 8-position modular jacks for the most common CAT-5 cable configurations. These include USOC, 568A, 568B, 10 Base T (ethernet), 100 Base T (fast ethernet). In addition, it also provides a RG6 cable (CATV Coax) 258, and a RJ11 connector for regular POTS line 2 Wire connection.

Open or shorted pairs and general mis-wires are rapidly diagnosed with the 2468. The unit is versatile, compact and economical, because it is designed not only to tests the correct cable wiring, but also for tracing the correct cable. Unlike other test sets, the 2468 comes with a standard built-in inductive amplifier probe, eliminating the need for a separate probe.

Features & Functions

-          Traces tone to specific wires for cable tracing
-          Verifies for wiring sequence and good connections
-          Identifies open, short, reversed and transposed pairs




Transmit tone: 577/1154Hz Alternating
RJ11 for tracing telephone wires
RJ45 modular connector for CAT-5 tracing and testing
Coax connector for tracing and testing
Power source: 9V battery
High impact ABS plastic case
Power On/Off Switch
Long battery life
LED indicators for Opens and Shorts
Probe freq: 200 to 5K Hz
Audio output: Built in Speaker with headset jack
Volume Control
Non-conductive tip
High impact ABS plastic case
Long battery life
RJ45 connectors for testing CAT-5 cable wiring
LED indicators for opens, crosses, reversals and transposed pairs