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The Cable Locator Model CL2000 is the next generation of versatile, economical, portable and user friendly locator on the market, introduced by Allteq Industries It is loaded with features and accessories comparable to high priced locators in the market at no extra cost.

The Model CL2000 can be used for direct, inductive (with the built in transmitter coil included) or direct coupling (with clamp Included) modes of detection making it accurate in detection and very versatile for use in various applications. .

The Model CL2000 comes with two active frequencies enabling the user to customize the unit for specific local field needs. Alternatively, the simultaneous frequency output mode allows for the best frequency selection.

The 51 2Hz low frequency is the best suited for locating cables and pipes. The Low frequency setting provides direct connection to the cable and greatly reduces false coupling with adjacent pipes and cables, allowing for a greater locating distance from the transmitter.

The 83Khz high frequency is well suited for applying the signal by induction, or for high resistance lines. The high frequency setting is excellent for inductive locating, it sends a stronger signal over a shorter distance when directly connected.

High frequency also jumps insulators and rubber gaskets often found in water and gas distribution systems.

A 4" Clamp (Model CL5OO) is now included for direct coupling when direct connection is not available.

In addition the CL2000 has the capability of locating live AC lines, under load when it is at 50/6OHz cycle frequency.

Peak or null user selectable modes of detection are provided for the most accurate detection. User switchable steady or warble tones are also provided to enhance audio detection.

The CL2000 Ultra-light weight Probe (Wand) comes with a peak and null switch, and a bubble level to determine depth easily through 45 degree triangulation.

The Receiver unit while connected to the Wand can be clipped to a waist Belt. The Transmitter, Receiver, Wand & Clamp are housed in one rugged, high-impact portable carrying case. The CL2000 is weather-proofed with conformal coating, so that the electronics are protected from moisture.

Cable Locator Model CL2000 from Allteq is made in strict accordance with the high standards of excellence in engineering and manufacturing quality.




Frequencies: Hi 83KHz   Frequencies:            Active : Hi 83KHz
Crystal) Lo 512Hz   Lo 512Hz
    Passive: 50/60Hz

Nominal Transmit Power: Hi: 1 Watt   Sensitivity: 512Hz 250uA
Lo: 250mW     83Khz 30uA

LED Indicators: Transmit Led (Indicates Good Connection)   Dynamic gain range: >100dB
  Power "On" Led   Identification Method: Peak/Null
  Battery "Lo" Led   Audio indication: Output through built-in speaker

Operating temperature: -20 to +55C   60 Hz NoiseRejection : >130dB
  -4 to +120F      

Batteries: 12 "D" cells(>50 hours operation)   Battery: 9V Alkaline

High-Impact Carrying Case  

High-Impact Case

Long LifeCables with Steel Clips      

Weatherization: Conformal coating for moisture proofing   Weatherization: Conformal coating for moisture proofing

Weight: 12 Ibs   Weight: 8 oz

Probe: Wand with bubblelevel for 45 degree depth location Ultra-light weight with Case
Peak/Null Switch
  Ground Rod: Ground connection